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My THINGS TO DO BOOK, designed for children in Pre-K – 3 in Liberia, Africa, may be used by adult learners. Pictures may be colored/painted. Verses are about colors, months, seasons, farming, and holidays, among others. Activities are for role playing, singing/dancing, thinking skills, choral reading, reviewing concepts, or for programs. The Liberian Flag, Liberian Seal, and words of the Liberian National Anthem are on opening pages. A Matching Exercise for the child on the outside back cover compares the shapes of Liberian counties. Notes on Liberia are for those unfamiliar with Liberia. Fun learning for the whole year!

About Us


We have been blessed and allowed to continue the Wolo Books project for 41 years. Praises and thanks to the Lord, and to His Son, Jesus Christ!

In 1962, Elaine Armour, Instructor in Education at Dillard University, New Orleans, was recruited and introduced to Liberia by Operation Crossroads, Africa, a mission of Dr. James Robinson of Church of the Master, New York City. This began over two decades of service on the African continent, especially the western region. 

In 1964, Elaine Armour wrote her first book, “Wilmot, the Canoe Boy” in a USAID/ Liberia sponsored workshop in Kakata, Liberia under the leadership of Edna Walker Chandler, Author, Cowboy Sam Series. Having recently joined the Tuskegee University contract Team/USAID as Education Advisor at the Zorzor Rural Teacher Training Institute in Lofa County, Ms. Armour was interested in developing textual materials. Books written in the workshop were published by the Department of Education (now Ministry of Education, Liberia) and used in Liberian schools.

In 1971, after becoming Mrs. Samuel Wolo in 1965 and opening Wolo Pre and Primary School, she developed a core curriculum on the Liberian environment and began writing books to support the curriculum. She prepared 10 titles for the school, five of them and one map puzzle are offered here. Others are under revision. Children from Liberia and from the international community attended the school located on the Booker Washington Institute campus, Kakata.

Today, the five books and one map puzzle mentioned above are included for you to purchase, read and enjoy original stories about Liberian life. Mrs. Wolo travelled around Liberia and the books detail these travels. The Wolo Books have also travelled widely to book fairs in Ghana and Italy; a book development workshop in Gambia and Sierra Leone; and in and around the United States: teacher workshops, the NAEYC, LAEYC, and NBCDI conferences, school and parent conferences, children’s classrooms, and the UMOJA Festival.

It is my privilege and pleasure to share Wolo Books with you. WELCOME!

Mrs. Elaine Armour Wolo, M.A.& M.P.H.



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